Some of our clients

Midwest Airbrush

After the Turbify Migration, they experienced a complete loss of ordering capabilities, leaving them uncertain when the services would be restored. To help overcome this setback, we seamlessly transferred their product data from Turbify to Shopify while implementing effective SEO redirects. These measures were implemented to swiftly restore their online business operations and ensure a smooth transition for their customers. The migration came with an updated look and feel. Take a look at the before and afters.

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Scope: Design,Programming,Import,Export
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Brothers Remodeling

Brothers wanted a more professional website, so we migrated their site to WordPress and gave them a complete renovation.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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All Computer Resources, Inc.

Reusing their previous design architecture ensured the site changed as little as possible which ensured minimal ranking fluctuations. We coded a custom Zend Desk integration for support, returns, and order status. We also custom coded an Automatic Free Shipping Promotion feature, Multiple Add to Cart Accessories, Custom Advanced Search Component and much more!

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Scope: Design,Programming
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Posted Companies

The client needed complete site branding and also wanted to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard, so we setup them up on a WordPress multisite network. This means they can run all their sites from a single WordPress Dashboard.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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Central Mass Dog Training

We migrated their site to a custom WordPress design and transferred all of their pages. Check out the before an after.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Central Mass Dog Training image 1


Cellbone requested an updated site. We assessed their current functionality and found that they were using an inferior product: the store tags within Yahoo!. We were able to update their site by offering advanced functionality available with RTML and the store editor during the design phase. Subsequently, we migrated their store over to the store editor and transformed their design into a mobile friendly site.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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This client had their server hacked and wanted to move their entire site from Magento to Yahoo! while maintaining all of their current functionality. We migrated all of their products and custom built all the features they wanted to keep from Magento into Custom Extensions for Yahoo!.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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Deep Blue

We worked with Deep Blue to bring their website up to date. We updated their site to a mobile friendly design. Also, many customized features were programmed and added including Instagram Feed Scroller, Image Options, Custom Payment, and more.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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All-Phaze Electric

The owner started a new business and needed a site to attract perspective clients. We suggested Joomla and themed a site to attract the potential customers!

Scope: Design,Programming
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  • All-Phaze Electric image 1
  • All-Phaze Electric image 2

Marque Supply Company

We setup and manage a custom server with a multiple Store Instance setup. This allows Marque Supply to have their retail and wholesale site under one Magento Instance with the ability to setup mirco stores at their convenience. M2E was also setup to allow them to easily list item on eBay from Magento.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Marque Supply Company image 3


We migrated their site from SquareSpace to Shopify and developed a custom Shopify Theme as well as developing the custom modules to satistfy design components.

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Scope: Design,Programming
  • Luxana image 0
  • Luxana image 1
  • Luxana image 2
  • Luxana image 3
  • Luxana image 4
  • Luxana image 5

Maine Cottage

We worked with Maine Cottage and their talent rich designers to implement this complex site. We incorporated Adobes Scene7 interactive image manipulation as well as many custom features.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Maine Cottage image 2
  • Maine Cottage image 3
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We transformed psd mock-ups from their graphic designer into a custom Magento Theme.

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Scope: Programming
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  • OnQueStyle image 2
  • OnQueStyle image 3
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Fabric Worm

Implemented custom RTML Programming.

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Scope: Programming
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Pacific Pillows

we worked with on several programming tasks on the shopping cart and newsletter.

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Scope: Proramming
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Atlas Stores eBay Store

We created a new eBay store and listing template and incorporated into Magento with the M2E extension. A must have for those looking for one central point to manage your store and ebay store inventory/orders.

Scope: Design,Programming
  • Atlas Stores eBay Store image 0
  • Atlas Stores eBay Store image 1

Pillowtex procured pillowtex and wanted the website moved from Magento to Yahoo! We copied the current functionality from Magento into this Yahoo! Store. Custom section page ordering gives this store the ability to order multiple pillows at the same time while maintaining inventory.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Pillowtex image 1
  • Pillowtex image 2
  • Pillowtex image 3

OnQueStyle eBay Store

Installed custom eBay design that is populated from Magento store with a custom m2e Module.

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Scope: Design,Programming
  • OnQueStyle eBay Store image 0

Hotel Pillows

We integrated custom RTML/javascript coding

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Scope: Programming
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Luxury Recycle

We implemented a multi-store Magento implementation that is able to run on one Magento Admin Panel.

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Scope: Design/Programming
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Zfurniture is using editor V2.0, and requested a simple responsive design with minimal options. We coded a responsive design in the older version 2.0 editor - including adding Yahoo!s floating cart.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • ZFURNITURE image 1
  • ZFURNITURE image 2
  • ZFURNITURE image 3
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  • ZFURNITURE image 5

Adventure Tours Transport

Adventure Tours Transport needed a a multi-lingual site to cater to their transportation business. We coded the site in a way that they could have two versions in the Store editor - One for English, and the second for Spanish. This gives an overall easy transition to their two customer bases.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Adventure Tours Transport image 1
  • Adventure Tours Transport image 2

Eye Spy Supply

We worked with the team members of to give them more control of their design. We also helped them with their custom options and multiple images on the new Adaptive Platform.

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Scope: Programming
  • Eye Spy Supply image 0

Signature Needle Arts

Custom Magento Programming

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Scope: Programming
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Rodeo Rambo

Rodeo Rambo wanted a website that was easy to update where he could point his sponsors to so they could donate. Joomla was chosen as the CMS for Rodeo Rambo's website.

Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Rodeo Rambo image 1
  • Rodeo Rambo image 2
  • Rodeo Rambo image 3
  • Rodeo Rambo image 4
  • Rodeo Rambo image 5

Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos has an amazing team of graphic designers. They gave us a mock-up and we programmed the design with RTML into this eye catching design.

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Scope: Programming
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  • Controller Chaos image 1
  • Controller Chaos image 2
  • Controller Chaos image 3

Chaski Foods

We took their existing design and ported it to a new store for a budget install. Custom coding on shopping cart to keep their navigation up to date.

Scope: Design,Programming
  • Chaski Foods image 0
  • Chaski Foods image 1

True Light Tapestries

Over 6500 product store with a moving tapestry shopping cart programmed by True Light Designs

Scope: Design,Programming
  • True Light Tapestries image 0
  • True Light Tapestries image 1
  • True Light Tapestries image 2

Aria Candles

Aria Candles needed a redesign of their existing Yahoo! Store. They ultimately wanted a simple clean design and were happy with the end product.

Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Aria Candles image 1
  • Aria Candles image 2

All Neon Signs

Custom RTML Programming

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Scope: Programming
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Neon Signs Express

Custom RTML Programming

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Scope: Programming
  • Neon Signs Express image 0

Sea Kind

Sea Kind is the seller of organic body and face cleansers. We took some of their inspirations and turned them into a fully functional e-commerce store with Magento.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Sea Kind image 1
  • Sea Kind image 2
  • Sea Kind image 3
  • Sea Kind image 4

e.K. Clothing

We created a clean and crisp Yahoo! Store Design for e.K. Clothing. We installed our advanced paging, filtering, recently viewed, and custom image viewing to give an advanced browsing experience.

Scope: Design,Programming
  • e.K. Clothing image 0
  • e.K. Clothing image 1
  • e.K. Clothing image 2

Wine and Spirits

Clean and crisp Yahoo! Wine Store that features a wine taste metric.

Scope: Design,Programming
  • Wine and Spirits image 0
  • Wine and Spirits image 1
  • Wine and Spirits image 2

Easy Data Recovery

We worked with Easy Data Recovery to develop a Magento Store front that was responsive and could get consumers to the product they needed in three steps.

Scope: Design,Programming
  • Easy Data Recovery image 0
  • Easy Data Recovery image 1
  • Easy Data Recovery image 2
  • Easy Data Recovery image 3
  • Easy Data Recovery image 4

The Fashion Bin eBay Store

We intergrated this listing template with the Magento M2E extension so they could upload seamlessly into their eBay store right from the Magento Admin Panel.

Scope: Design,Programming
  • The Fashion Bin eBay Store image 0
  • The Fashion Bin eBay Store image 1
  • The Fashion Bin eBay Store image 2

Crispy Cones was looking for a design that was clean and was responsive to mobile devices. We worked with the CEO and Marketing & Development to come up with a site that allowed for future growth and the ability to update when needed. Joomla! was chosen to replace their static HTML site.

Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Crispy Cones image 1
  • Crispy Cones image 2
  • Crispy Cones image 3
  • Crispy Cones image 4

Team Covers came to us with the desire for a responsive store. After getting advice from one of their marketing firms to upgrade to mobile, they quickly realized what they needed. We programmed a custom store with RTML that is responsive and responds to all devices - From Desktop to Phone.

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Scope: Design,Programming
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  • Team Covers image 1
  • Team Covers image 2
  • Team Covers image 3
  • Team Covers image 4
  • Team Covers image 5
  • Team Covers image 6
  • Team Covers image 7

One World Sarongs

Custom Yahoo Store RTML Programming

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Scope: Programming
  • One World Sarongs image 0